​Voyagers Kick Off Science Unit With the Life Saver Car Challenge

Students on the Voyager Team were given 10 straws, 2 pieces of construction paper, tape, scissors, four life savers and told to work with a partner in creating the fastest car possible powered by air. Kids excitedly went to work using their problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative skills to design and build cars of every shape and style. Each class identified its fasted car and classroom winners competed with one another to determine the fastest Life Saver Car. The buzz in Voyager hallway was palpable – the kids loved it! What a fun way to kick off the upcoming 4th grade science unit on Forces, Energy, and Motion!

PARCC Testing Starts on March 9th

PARCC is here, and although there has been much controversy over this assessment, we are an optimistic staff staying focused on the potential benefits of this test. It may take a couple of years before all of the kinks are ironed out –both in the technology required to administer it, and in its content – but once this is done, I believe the results of the PARCC will give us valuable information about our students’ learning and our instructional programs. This year the data is baseline, so we are all taking a deep breath, rolling up our sleeves, and demonstrating our ability to adapt to this change and learn what we can from it. Remember, our teachers have done an outstanding job teaching your children, and you have done an amazing job in supporting our work. All we can do now is give the PARCC our best effort and take it from there!

Another Great Cultural Arts Assembly at GG!

Students and teachers alike LOVED Chicago Dance Crash’s “History of Dance from Ballet to Breakdancing!” The high-energy performance was dedicated to the evolution of the art of dance, helping our students relate the originality and creativity reflected in the various dances to a respect for the diversity reflected in our lives and community. Thank you, wonderful PTA, for enriching our students’ educational experience with another great Cultural Arts assembly!