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Human Anatomy
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Human Body
Dancing Man

Incredible Human Machine
Information and images are available at this site. There is a good interactive games to see if you can put the body together!

Respiratory System

Respiratory System
Scroll for GREAT links and activities!

  Kids Health: Smoking Stinks!  
Bacterial Invasion - *Interactive*
Because bacteria and viruses know the anatomy and systems of their hosts very well, you need to demonstrate your knowledge of the human body to succeed in infection. Your job is to infect your host as quickly as possible.

Digestive System

Human Body Online

Click on the 2nd picture in the first row.


Skeletal & Muscular Systems

Human Anatomy Online
Click on the 3rd picture in the first row for the Muscular System. Click on the picture of the skull for the Skeletal System.
Skeletal System
-real pictures
Mr. Bones - *Interactive*
Take a good look at the assembled human skeleton to see how it is put together, then click the mouse to mix up the bones. Drag the bones to the proper place. You will hear a click when they are in the right place.

Nervous System


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