Best Practices Award Goes to SNAP34 Parent Group!

As the originators of D34 RED Day, our district's dedicated SNAP34 parent group was honored as part of NSSED's Association of Parents and Staff (APS) Best Practice Awards! RED Day essay contest winners from across the district were at the ceremony. Shown here is Glen Grove 5th grader, Rachel S. reading her winning poem about the importance of respecting one another's differences.

​Voyagers Kick Off Science Unit With the Life Saver Car Challenge

Students on the Voyager Team were given 10 straws, 2 pieces of construction paper, tape, scissors, four life savers and told to work with a partner in creating the fastest car possible powered by air. Kids excitedly went to work using their problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative skills to design and build cars of every shape and style. Each class identified its fasted car and classroom winners competed with one another to determine the fastest Life Saver Car. The buzz in Voyager hallway was palpable – the kids loved it! What a fun way to kick off the upcoming 4th grade science unit on Forces, Energy, and Motion!

Illinois Text Messaging and Cell Phone Laws

In school zones, it is a statewide law that unless the vehicle is parked in a parking space, or a handsfree device is used, drivers may not operate cell phones. This applies to buses as well as any other vehicles operating within the school zone. Fines for violation of Illinois cell phone law start at $75. Illinoisʼs cell phone and texting laws are considered “primary” laws. A primary law means that an officer can pull you over for the offense without having to witness some other violation. PLEASE DO NOT TALK OR TEXT IN THE GLEN GROVE SCHOOL ZONE. IT IS FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS.