Dia de los Muertos - Vocabulary

Dia de los Muertos - Vocabulary

Ofrenda - an offering to recently decreased loved ones, refers to the goods set out on the altar to honor the dead. Learn how to make an ofrenda

Papel Picado - a type of Mexican folk art made of colorful tissue paper with intricate, festive designs cut out as decoration. Learn how to make papel picado.

Calacas - skeleton figures that represent death

Calaveras - drawings, engravings, cartoons, or models of skulls and skeletons made to look like living people. Learn more about how to make sugar skulls

Cempazuchitl - marigold, the official flower of the dead. The flower's color and scent are meant to attract souls back from the dead and to the ofrenda

La Noche de Duelo - "The Night of the Mourning," marks the beginning of the Day of the Dead with a candlelight procession to the cemetary.

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