Mid-Autumn Festival Vocabulary

Mid-Autumn Festival Vocabulary

中秋節 (zhōng qiū jié)- “Moon Festival” in Mandarin; The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival, as it is celebrated when the moon is at its fullest

嫦娥 (Cháng'é)- the legendary moon goddess, who drank a potion of immortality to prevent her husband’s enemy from taking it. However, because she took the potion, she was separated from Hou Yi, floating all the way to the moon. 

后羿 (Hòu Yì) - Chang’e’s husband, who shot down nine suns so that there would only be one, thus saving humans. As a reward, he was given a potion of immortality.

月餅 (yuè bǐng)- “mooncakes,” a pastry served on this holiday. It is usually filled with either egg  yolk, lotus seed paste, coconut, dates, red bean paste, or walnuts. The top of the pastries are usually stamped with Chinese characters representing longevity or harmony.

團圓 (tuán yuán)- “reunion,” which is how families celebrate together during the festival

柚子 (yòuzi) - pomelo fruit; due to its shape and sweetness, is considered to be a lucky fruit to eat during the festival and is considered Chang’e’s favorite