Three Kings Day Vocabulary

Three Kings Day Vocabulary

La Navidad- Spanish for Christmas.

El Dia de los Reyes Magos- “The Day of the Magi” or “Three Kings Day; it is said that instead of Santa Claus, the Three Kings bring gifts to children on January 6.

Camello- Spanish for “camel.” The Three Kings ride their camels into the homes of children to bring gifts. Children usually leave grass for the camels to eat

Los Regalos- Spanish for “gifts”

Rosca de Reyes- a sweet bread made specifically for Three Kings Day. It is oblong or circular in shape to resemble a crown and the candied fruit are supposed to look like jewels. Sometimes, there is a figure of the infant Jesus baked in the bread as a surprise. (Click here to see a recipe for Rosca de Reyes).