Principal's Monthly Message

From The Principal’s Desk
January 12, 2018

Dear Glen Grove Families,

I hope everyone had a most enjoyable winter break! I personally relished the slower pace and extra time I was able to spend with family and friends, because the months ahead seem to become increasingly faster and busier. January also marks the midpoint of our school year (already?!?!), and it is the time of year when we begin to plan for the next school year while staying focused on our current goals. 

Besides helping our students jump back into learning mode, this week we also engaged in the powerful and proactive best practice of – after a long break from routines - reviewing the schoolwide behavior expectations outlined in our Glen Grove Student Handbook. If you would like to discuss or reinforce these guidelines at home, feel free to access our handbook by using the link provided on the “Students” page of the Glen Grove School website. 

Transition planning begins this month, so if you are the parent of a kindergartner, second grader, or fifth grader, look for information about the processes we have in place to ensure that each of the academic transitions that our District 34 students experience are as seamless as they can be for both the students and their families.

As stated in our last newsletter, our students will be taking the winter Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), an assessment designed to measure our students’ growth in reading and math on January 17 and 18. We ask that when making plans for upcoming appointments that might occur during the school day, please refrain from scheduling them on these two dates, if possible. We will, of course, offer make-ups to students who are absent, however, we’ve learned over time that students often perform better when testing in a familiar environment and with a teacher that they know. 

Although important and informative, the NWEA assessments should not be considered high stress or high stakes testing. The results we obtain from our students are truly meant to inform us around the progress they are making. As stated in past newsletters, because there are no norms for winter testing periods, we will not be using these assessments as reporting tools for parents, and winter reports will not be sent home; however, the winter results will be reflected on the reports that will be sent home after our spring assessments are completed in May.

I end the first message of the calendar year with a wish to all of you for a healthy, prosperous, peaceful, and happy new year ahead!