Principal's Monthly Message

Hello Glen Grove Families,

It’s already April, and even in our new reality, the end of the school year seems to be fast approaching. As uncertain as these times are, and as chaotic as they may feel, everyone – families, teachers, and administrators - has banned together and done a remarkable job of remaining connected as a school community and providing our students with as much consistency and support as possible.

As we move into the second half of the month, we will be engaging in one of our most important responsibilities, placing our current third graders and incoming second graders into classes for next school year. I have already sent letters regarding placement to our families in an email, but if you have not accesses the information, yet, and you are a parent of a second or third grader, please use the links below for an overview of our placement process along with access to our Optional Parent Input Form.

Letter for Families of Current Second Graders
Letter for Families of Current Third Graders

As communicated by our district, we have revised our E-Learning plan – now known as E-Learning 2.0 – to include more consistent schedules across grade levels, more real-time connections, and increased opportunities for teachers to provide their students with feedback. The new schedules will begin on Monday, April 13.  Teachers have shared them with your children along with other pertinent information to ensure they are ready for this change – a change we strongly feel equates to an improvement. Thank you, families, for the positive and constructive feedback with which you have provided us, for your grace and patience as we’ve been building the E-Learning plane while flying it, and for the support you are providing your children as they continue to connect with our school while learning from your homes.

I am proud to say that the Glen Grove School culture is one characterized by an environment committed to the physical, social, emotional, and academic wellbeing of our students, and I thank everyone, you – our wonderful families, our fantastic, dedicated, hard-working, intelligent, innovative teachers, and most of all, our resilient, creative, confident, enthusiastic, AMAZING students – as everyone is doing their part to maintain our strong connections and culture despite the physical distance between us.

Finally, Passover began this week, Easter for many will be on Sunday, and the warmer spring weather we recently experienced teased ALL of us with hints of the summer we probably look forward to more than ever this year. Whatever your celebrations might be, they are, more than likely, looking different than the ones you envisioned before COVID-19, but my wish for you is that they are still characterized by the sense of renewal and optimism that are at the essence of the spring season.

Stay well, and with warmest regards,

Helena Vena

Please note that the date for school supplies indicated on the flyer below has been extended to May 22, 2020. We thank all the companies with whom we associate for making changes in response to our current situation for the convenience of our families.